Our Story

La Lavande Sous Le Toit LLC is a small family-owned business specializing in lavender scented bath and skin care products, and which got it starts on a sunny afternoon in July 2019, when we were sitting in the front lawn with our daughter enjoying the sight and aroma from our own lavender plants. The lavender blooms swayed in the gentle, warm afternoon breeze in a rhythmic dance with the bees and butterflies feasting on their nectar. We thought it would be a shame to let all those flowers just go to waste, and at that moment we thought why not harvest then and keep enjoying that moment through the fall and winter to come. A few weeks later when the bees and butterflies had stopped vising the lavender flowers, we got to work harvesting the spears and pruning the plants. We had planted 72 lavender bushes in the flower beds in front of our porch as a way to remember our time in Provence, France. We had underestimated the amount of flowers we were harvesting, and as we progressed we thought about what else we could do with so many flowers. That is when the idea came, why not distill then and use the oil, maybe make soaps and lotion, and maybe start a business,. our daughter Morgan started to rattle some names that we could call the business, and as the lavender is right at the foot of out roof covered front porch she just came out and said why not call it The Lavender under the Roof ?? but in French – and just like that… Voila – La Lavande Sous Le Toit was born.